13 Action News: Tronox donates large check to high school Robotics Team.
October 29th, 2014

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Tronox manufacturing plant donated $5,000 to Basic High School’s Robotics Team on Oct. 21.

The Robotics Team is a group of highly-skilled junior and senior students and faculty that focuses on the engineering components of robotics and how to build robots through advanced production methods.

“Since Tronox has come on as a sponsor, our team has had the ability to work on more advanced robotics machines and participate in national competitions,” said leader of the robotics team Mark Reed. “Through these competitions, the team has earned recognitions and learned from other team displays.”

This is the third year Tronox has sponsored the school’s program.

“All of this would not be possible without Tronox’s generous donation each year. We are truly grateful to have Tronox as a community sponsor and partner,” Reed said.

The Robotics Team began in 2002 led by William Fitzpatrick and continues to growing in numbers and capabilities each year.

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