8 News Now: In Your Neighborhood: New development along Henderson’s historic Water Street.
May 13th, 2021

In Your Neighborhood: New development along Henderson’s historic Water Street


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HENDERSON, Nev. (KLAS) — A major effort to revitalize historic Water Street in downtown Henderson is paying off. Despite the pandemic, the area has continued to grow, fueled by the addition of Lifeguard Arena.

“Lifeguard Arena really was the lead domino to increase activity down here on Water Street,” said Scott Muelrath, Henderson Chamber of Commerce president/ceo.

One of the new businesses is Biscuits and Bourbon. The restaurant serves a mashup of BBQ from different regions of the U.S. with a desert twist.

“Copied what Kansas City does, what Texas does, different areas, and put our desert flair on it,” said Matthew Coleman, Biscuits and Bourbon culinary partner.

The plan was to open this time last year but that was delayed because of the pandemic. They finally opened in September of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic.

“Opening during a pandemic has been chaotic to say the least,” Coleman said.

The idea of revitalizing Water Street isn’t new, but got a huge boost from Lifeguard Arena. The $26 million arena opened in November of 2020. Even with COVID-19 restrictions, Biscuits and Bourbon is already seeing a boost in business.

“We found a lot of local support and appreciation for what we were doing and we ended up ramping up really quickly,” Coleman said.

He and the group behind the restaurant were born and raised in Henderson. Now, they’re doing what they love in their own community.

“Being able to come down here and bring new business and life to an area that needed it for so many years is why,” Coleman said.