Nevada Business Magazine: Movers and Shakers – Virginia Toalepai.

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President & CEO
World Wide Safety (4 years in NV)

Type of Business: Safety Consultants | Hails from:Apia, Samoa | 4 years with company in Nevada | Based in: Las Vegas

How did you first get into your profession?

I was introduced to the safety industry by my ex-husband.

What is your pet peeve?

People who tell me that something is impossible or it cannot be accomplished. (more…)

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Excited to have our client World Wide Safety, as well as Trosper Communications, on the VEGAS INC Women and Minority Owned Business list!

To read on the VEGAS INC website click, here.


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Virginia Toalepai is CEO and president of World Wide Safety, a construction consulting agency that identifies, evaluates, and resolves safety challenges at job sites. She also founded RYSHOC Family, a nonprofit organization that trains young people for careers by providing them with the necessary tools and education to succeed. (more…)