Channel Your Inner Annie Leibovitz: Photography Tips for Success.
January 6th, 2021

Over the years we have seen the shift of cameras from 35mm film, to digital point and shoot cameras and now our phones have more or less replaced the need for a casual camera to capture everyday moments. It is common to capture and send images to local media via social media or email for use in a local paper, online or even during broadcast.

With the convenience of our phones, it’s a simple click and send. Now with endless photo editing apps, filters and extras, how does one find and use the best apps to capture moments and share on social media or use for media? Below are some of our favorites to ensure you always put your best image forward.


This easy to use app makes your colors pop and give it a distinctive look for a social media feed that is not to be missed. This app host more than 300 filters, 100 effects and easy to use basic editing tools. Images looking a little warm during the summer? Check out the Flashes of Delight filter pack!


Love telling a story with your images but get lost on a collage layout or how to add a clean aesthetic look to your social media feed? Unfold is here to solve all those problems. With easy to use layouts with or without texts, you can create different story books within the app and easily share to your social media sites or print! There are numerous edits that you can make on the layouts to jazz up or alter to fit your brand.


Now, I’m sure you have seen Facetune images go horribly wrong – however – you can use Facetune without going overboard. Woke up in the morning with a zit or those early mornings catching up too quick? Give it a little “smooth” and no one is the wiser. Just remember to use it lightly and with a steady hand. Now on its second version – Facetune2 is filled with even more tools than the original app.