Gabby Alegret.
Social Media Specialist

Gabrielle (Gabby) Alegret is currently the social media specialist for Trosper Public Relations. She is responsible for creating and maintaining content across all social platforms for a variety of clients and provides assessments of their social media demographics and performance.

She began her social media career early; she interned at a digital marketing agency through high school and accepted a position as a social media marketer after graduating. Being a seasoned social media expert and SEO specialist has allowed her to work full time while pursuing a Master of Arts in Deaf Education. She is multilingual, having utilized American Sign Language since 2012, and enjoys social events, poetry slams and more with Deaf communities across the United States.

Gabby became an influencer and social media director for a Fortune 1000 company’s local chapter in Las Vegas. She has handled high profile social accounts that span across the U.S. and has played a key role in the growth of those companies’ social platforms and SEO exposure to search engines.

In addition to traveling and being active in various Deaf communities, Gabby holds certifications as a holistic nutritionist and enjoys side hobbies such as roller skating, soap making and rock hounding for crystals.