Henderson Police Officers’ Association Elect New Executive Board Officers.
February 27th, 2015


The Henderson Police Officers’ Association (HPOA) recently announced their HPOA Executive Board of Officers & Trustees for 2015.

Ken Kerby was elected to the position of president, Chris White was appointed to the vacant position of vice-president, Stephen Bryan is completing his term of office as secretary, and Seth VanBeveren was elected to the position of treasurer. Additionally, five trustees were elected or are completing terms of office, including: Rob Thomas, Kevin LaPeer, Doug Lynaugh, Gus Leigh, and Barry Courtney. It is the mission of all Executive Board Officers to ensure they are effectively representing their membership, adhering to their core missions, and promoting the well-being of both their Henderson Police Officers and the Henderson community.

HPOA President Ken Kerby says, “I am looking forward to leading our newly elected Executive Board of Officers and Trustees throughout my two-year term, and am grateful to have such a diligent and professional group of individuals representing our membership.”

The HPOA Executive Board is comprised of nine members who are elected for two-year terms and meet on a monthly basis. They have successfully negotiated dozens of contracts to continuously provide benefits to their members, involving changes and/or improvements to salary, medical, and retirement benefits. They also offer full-service legal protection to members through the Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers (NAPSO).

Henderson Police Officers’ Association:

Founded as a recognized bargaining unit in 1977, the Henderson Police Officers’ Association (HPOA) is comprised of approximately 330 full-time members (including both police and corrections officers). Prior to being renamed as the HPOA, the association was known as the Henderson Police Benevolent Association; which was established in 1970. The HPOA serves the City of Henderson and its more than 276,000 residents, with the core mission of working to protect, support, encourage, defend, and honor their association members, as well as their community.