K2 Energy Unveils Groundbreaking Line of Trolling Motor Smart Batteries.
March 3rd, 2016

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Ushering in the first real change in marine batteries since the inaugural Bassmaster Classic in 1971, K2 Energy announced the release of its newest line of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for marine use. The first in the series available to the public, the group 27 sized Extreme Angler, will set a new standard in the industry and provide a better choice for fishing hobbyists and professionals.

Preorders for the Extreme Angler should be made as soon as possible at K2’s online store, as demand for available inventories will be strong during initial production and release.

“Pro fishermen are asking for better batteries,” said Cameron DeVries, K2 Energy Business Development Manager. “We are responding with batteries that are lightweight, longer lasting and more environmentally responsible.”

Tim Torres, a bass fishing enthusiast with more than 25 years of tournament experience, said a friend turned him on to K2 batteries a few years ago. “When I first saw this little 4-pound battery, I thought ‘there is absolutely no way this tiny battery is going to run my 20-foot bass boat around…’ But three years later, I wouldn’t even think of going back to my old batteries,” said Torres.

K2 has engineered a smarter battery that has the ability to run some trolling motors for up to three days on one charge, at approximately one-third the weight of a traditional lead acid battery. And it boasts a cycle life that is 10-times greater than a common marine battery, cycling a whopping 2,800 times over the life of the battery. And, each of the batteries in this line comes complete with a user interface indicating remaining power available.

“The first obvious advantage is the weight loss when you switch to K2’s batteries,” said Torres. “Switch your lead acid batteries out of the boat for K2 batteries and you’ve taken out 100 to 150 pounds… That’s huge. If you’re burning the bank, moving along at 3 miles per hour, your lead acid battery is tiring through the day. We’ve all had to go turn up the dial to make up for the loss of power. But with a K2 battery, you’re not going to have to touch that dial all day. It’ll run at the highest performance level until it gives out completely.”

The technology used in K2’s batteries results in a safer, cleaner and more reliable product than conventional batteries. Sports enthusiasts will no longer have to worry about acid leaking out of the battery, which could damage critical electrical components on a vessel.

“I’ve heard countless stories where batteries have fallen over and gotten lead acid in the back of the boat and that’s not fun,” said Torres. “And from an environmental standpoint, if that happens, more than likely, you’re going to wash that mess right into the sewer system. We never have to worry about that with K2’s lithium ion.”

“We’ve been testing this battery with pro bass fisherman for a while now,” said DeVries, “Their feedback has been great, and we are pleased with the final results. It’s exciting to be able to offer this product to the public, and we hope our battery will enhance the sport enjoyed by so many.”

“All of the other components of this sport have evolved… Our lines have gotten better, our vessels have gotten better, even polarized sunglasses have gotten better,” said Torres. “K2 has created the product that’s going to be the next big change. This is the latest and greatest.”

K2 plans to release two additional batteries, the Lake Master and Pro Series, later this year. For more information and to preorder now, before inventory runs out, visit K2’s online store.