Law Officer Magazine: Henderson Police Officers’ Association Donates $25,000 to National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund as Patrons of Independence Sponsor.
January 29th, 2015

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The Henderson Police Officers’ Association (HPOA) recently donated $25,000 to the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) in support of the National Law Enforcement Museum being built in Washington, D.C. This will be the nation’s largest and most comprehensive museum honoring the duty and sacrifice of America’s law enforcement officers.

HPOA President Ken Kerby and HPOA Vice-President Chris White made a check donation presentation to NLEOMF Chairman and CEO Craig Floyd and NLEMOF Chief Development Officer Ray Hord, who met with the board members to thank them for their contribution.

Ken Kerby of the HPOA, says, “We are proud to be giving back to such an honorable endeavor, which will help American citizens to learn about the heroes who have served throughout our history, and to also learn about the history and sacrifices of those who served in the law enforcement industry.”

Craig Floyd of the NLEOMF, says, “We are grateful for the generous donation by the Henderson Police Officers’ Association, as well as their recognition of the importance and value of this project. It is our hope that, with this museum, we can inspire every citizen to value law enforcement.”

The National Law Enforcement Museum is part of this NLEOMF, which serves as a nationwide clearinghouse of information and statistics on law enforcement line-of-duty deaths. Their research department maintains a comprehensive fatality database, and publishes regular trends and issues in officer fatalities in order to promote police officer safety and wellness.

Henderson Police Officers’ Association:

Founded as a recognized bargaining unit in 1977, the Henderson Police Officers’ Association (HPOA) is comprised of approximately 330 full-time members (including both police and corrections officers).

Prior to being renamed as the HPOA, the association was known as the Henderson Police Benevolent Association; which was established in 1970. The HPOA serves the City of Henderson and its more than 276,000 residents, with the core mission of working to protect, support, encourage, defend, and honor their association members, as well as their community.

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