Nevada Business Magazine: 20/20 Visionaries for the Silver State.
July 1st, 2016


Perfect vision, otherwise referred to as 20/20 vision, is the ability for an individual to see clearly both in their near field of vision as well as far away. Likewise, a 20/20 executive, such as those featured in the following pages, has a clear vision for their business in both the short and long term. These executives strive to do what is right for their companies, employees, communities and state.

The search for this year’s 20/20 Executives began several months ago when Nevada Business Magazine’s editorial staff asked Nevadans to nominate individuals who have had 20/20 vision in their companies. The nomination form asked for those individuals that are innovative in the face of hardship and have demonstrated a drive to move their organizations forward regardless of what obstacles may be in the way.

K2 Energy, which was founded by Dr. Johnnie Stoker in 2006, is a lithium iron phosphate technology company working to replace common lithium batteries. Stoker founded the company when the previous organization he worked for, which was also based in Henderson, decided to move their jobs to China. He then hired some of his co-workers and started K2 Energy. Stoker’s vision for K2 is, “to be recognized as the technology and manufacturing leader in lithium ion (lithium iron phosphate) batteries and systems.”

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