Nevada Business Press: Katie Coombs – Financial Advisor, LLC.
May 1st, 2015

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Carson City

How did you first get into your profession?
I began working at a credit union in college supporting a financial services representative. I was drawn to the process of helping people with all aspects of their financial picture.

If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why?
Rocky Balboa. I would want to inspire people the way he inspired me growing up. There is nothing more motivating than someone who can get up after being knocked down over and over again.

If you could have coined a single phrase of wisdom, what would it be?
If you serve your community, you will show your children what true passion looks like.

What do you wish you would have learned at the beginning of your career?
That it is okay to let certain clients go. You don’t have to allow negative energy in your office, just like you shouldn’t in your home.

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