Tronox Employees Teach Cashman Middle School Students During School’s “Careers in Engineering Day”.
October 14th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 9.33.51 AM(HENDERSON, Nev.) – Employees from the Tronox Henderson Plant recently took a day off to teach Cashman Middle School students about their profession and opportunities available in the field of engineering. This effort was part of the school’s “Careers in Engineering Day.”

Keenan Sanders, Staff Process Engineer of Tronox, and Connie Hall, Safety Manager of Tronox, were granted time off from their daily plant jobs to serve as teachers to Cashman students who were eager to learn about engineering and related fields of study.

Rick Stater, Henderson Plant Manager, says, “This event is part of Tronox’s mission to further education among our youth in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, and chemistry. Engineering is, and will continue to be, a necessary industry in Nevada, and we hope to share information and personal experiences on the many options available in this and other related fields.”

There were approximately 600 students who participated in the program. Tronox employees presented during four rotations to both 7th and 8th grade students, and each prepared presentations and handouts to showcase their profession.

About Tronox

Tronox is the world’s largest fully integrated producer of titanium ore and titanium dioxide, as well as a producer of specialty chemicals including sodium chlorate, boron products and manganese oxide products. The Tronox electrolytic division is an emerging leader in Manganese products, building on their position as the largest producer of Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide (EMD) in the United States.  Their product portfolio includes high-performance alkaline EMD, Li-EMD and custom treated EMD for use in lithium (Li) battery applications.  Tronox has a long history of R&D and production activity in the area of Li and Li-ion battery materials, including lithium manganese oxide and lithium vanadium oxide.

About Cashman Middle School

James Cashman Middle School was dedicated in July 1966. In 2007 a magnet school component was implemented at Cashman Middle School. The Academy of Mathematics, Science and Engineering (AMSE) was introduced. The program introduces students to the many fields of engineering. The curriculum makes Cashman Middle School the magnet of choice for students seeking an education that answers twenty-first century challenges.

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