Tronox Sponsors Basic High School Robotics Team Presentation to Brown Junior High School Robotics Club and 8th Graders to Promote Robotics Program Participation.
January 29th, 2014


Local High School Students Teach Middle School Students About Robotics 

(Henderson, NV) – On January 28, 2014, Tronox sponsored a special presentation by the Basic High School Robotics Team to the Brown Junior High School Robotics Club and eighth grade students, in order to promote participation and interest in both schools’ robotics programs.

Mark Reed, Basic High School Robotics Team instructor and leader, and Rick Stater, Tronox Henderson Plant Manager, narrated while members of the Basic High School Robotics Team gave the special presentation. During the presentation, students spoke about their experiences in robotics, national competitions, and the importance of the field. They also gave demonstrations of their award-winning robotics displays.

“This presentation was organized by Tronox to not only maintain our club’s current members, but to also promote interest among eighth grade students. We would like to thank both Basic High School Robotics Team and Tronox for organizing this effort,” says John April, instructor and leader of the Brown Junior High School Robotics Club.

Following the presentation, Brown Junior High School students were able to ask questions of the high school team members and instructor, and also test the robots displayed. Tronox also sponsored a lunch for the students.

Rick Stater of Tronox says, “As a sponsor of the robotics teams and clubs in Henderson, we seek to not only maintain interest among all age groups, but to engage students in this growing field. By having experienced students give the presentation, we are providing a genuine insight into the positive experiences and educational growth brought on by participating in robotics programs.”

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