Tronox Welcomes Two New Hires and Two Interns.
July 14th, 2016

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Tronox, LLC, a local manufacturing plant, is happy to the welcome two new maintenance technicians onto their full-time staff. In addition to the new employees, the company also offered two summer internships to two students studying chemistry and chemical engineering, respectively. 

Tronox’s new interns will be assisting in various daily production processes at the plant. They will each have the opportunity to learn by completing hands-on tasks and gain additional experience through mentorships with long-time Tronox employees.

Offering internships is one of the many ways that Tronox helps young students to further their education in S.T.E.M. subjects. Tronox also sponsors robotics and garden clubs at local elementary and high schools. Rick Stater, Henderson plant  manager, believes that providing these hands-on educational opportunities will inspire increased engagement for S.T.E.M. subjects amongst young students and encourage them to pursue future careers in the science field.

“Tronox is proud to create and sustain local jobs for our community,” said Stater. “And along with jobs, we’re happy to provide unique opportunities for students to further their skills and apply their knowledge, first-hand and hands-on, while they’re still in school. We believe exposing students to these opportunities will help provide direction in the career they ultimately choose, which could very well lead them to a position within the Tronox family.”