Workplace Wellness: Trosper Meditation Room.
June 16th, 2020

Recently, Trosper Public Relations turned an open area in the office into a meditation room for the staff to use. This area is equipped with all the essentials, including mats, chakra sprays, and a speaker to play recorded meditations aloud. This space is perfect for employees to take a few minutes to decompress and reset their minds.

Many studies have shown that practicing workplace wellness can improve employee productivity as well as elevate employee happiness and satisfaction in the workplace. Regularly practicing meditation can improve decision making, memory, listening, leadership, and more. The Trosper meditation room offers a dark, quiet area to clear the mind and reset the brain in a timely and effective manner. While this is a grand idea, it was also cost-effective and easy to implement. Principal Elizabeth Trosper invested in just a few items that completely transformed an office space.

By offering this option to employees, it provides an area that anyone can use at any time either privately, or with a group. Having a dedicated space for meditation makes it easier for people to really step away from their desks and have a moment to take care of themselves and manage stress and fatigue. It has also encouraged team building through group meditations and collaboration between individuals regarding meditation prompts and practices. Everyone is encouraged to use the space whenever they feel it necessary, even just for a few quiet minutes to stretch out from sitting at a desk.

The addition of the meditation room has improved our workplace and made the team feel welcome to take a few minutes to relax and reset. By allowing this small window of time to decompress, it leads to increased productivity as well as raised employee satisfaction. This change was not very difficult to accomplish; setting up the meditation room was a quick and easy process. This small change keeps our office culture current with workplace wellness trends and benefits everyone.